By neildaemond, an 'any-stack' hacking grasshopper.
Taking notes while tinkering with:

So, I asked on freenode ( #webpack ) and realised the answer before I could hear a response

│18:10:30 neildaemond | using this webpack.config.js, I end up with some files  │
│                     | like "27474d2c2aa69b9fff15b5748ef7be30.gif".. It all    │
│                     | works, but on the web server I want them to load from   │
│                     | another location like " │
│                     | 7474d2c2aa69b9fff15b5748ef7be30.gif", not at root       │
│                     | (│18:10:48 neildaemond |                           │
│18:23:43 neildaemond | oh, I figured it out.. an option for the file-loader.   │
│                     | updated the webpack.config.js to:                       │
│                     |                           │

MeGa LoLz: Paying HoMaGe to 90’s ComPuTinG AnD WeB PaGeS ViA

ssh’ing into my new account on, I was re-introduced to their favorite command line irc client, WeeChat. I’m quite excited about mine is ;) ) as it provides the perfect remote server for irc chat if I run it in a screen/tmux/etc. At my local hackerspace, dimsumlabs, we’re trying to encourage irc usage. In Particular, our #dimsumlabs channel on Freenode.

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