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Find Nodes on Network Using Nmap


nmap -sP

I was able to find my SOPine nodes, which were plugged into a Pine64 Clusterboard on wired network.

The static IP configurator in armbian-config was not working. It was pointed out to me that it was probably because Armbian uses Network-Manager and that bound the static IP to the MAC Address of the Ethernet port. Since I was initializing the SD card on a Pine64 LTS and moving the SD to a SOPine board for use in the Pine64 Clusterboard, the IP did not remain static and so It was quicker for me to find it on the network after connecting to DHCP.

I’ve been toying with the Pine64 products, including the Pine64 LTS, SOPine, Pine64 Clusterboard, and even the PADI IoT Stamp.

Next week, I will be giving a breif demo of Elixir’s distributed capabilities at the next HK Elixir Meetup, and I wanted to use the clusterboard during that.

Afterwards, I will be using the Pine64 to familiarize myself with the ARM64 instruction set. So stay tuned!.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that

nmap -sP

can find Nodes on a network.


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