By neildaemond, an 'any-stack' hacking grasshopper.
Taking notes while tinkering with:

So, I asked on freenode ( #webpack ) and realised the answer before I could hear a response

│18:10:30 neildaemond | using this webpack.config.js, I end up with some files  │
│                     | like "27474d2c2aa69b9fff15b5748ef7be30.gif".. It all    │
│                     | works, but on the web server I want them to load from   │
│                     | another location like " │
│                     | 7474d2c2aa69b9fff15b5748ef7be30.gif", not at root       │
│                     | (       │
│18:10:48 neildaemond |                           │
│18:23:43 neildaemond | oh, I figured it out.. an option for the file-loader.   │
│                     | updated the webpack.config.js to:                       │
│                     |                           │

MeGa LoLz: Paying HoMaGe to 90’s ComPuTinG AnD WeB PaGeS ViA

ssh’ing into my new account on, I was re-introduced to their favorite command line irc client, WeeChat. I’m quite excited about mine is ;) ) as it provides the perfect remote server for irc chat if I run it in a screen/tmux/etc. At my local hackerspace, dimsumlabs, we’re trying to encourage irc usage. In Particular, our #dimsumlabs channel on Freenode.

First, make it more like Vim

My frst step for any IDE setup is to make it more like Vim using whichever extension/plugin they have to offer :)

(you can even do this with browser text fields via wasavi)

So, for VSCode I used the main vim plugin,

Vim Extension For VSCode

and then added the following keybindings.json and settings.json which are found at ~/.config/Code/User/

The Quest Continues

In 2012, I started blogging about Vim As My Ide. At that time, I was also going to try and focus on scala as it was all the rage. However, I didn’t like using clunky IDEs like Eclipse to develop in the java world and I didn’t have any pressing reason to continue. Today, I’m back on board the scala train for work purposes and I’m going to leverage some of the newfound support for scala that vim has.