By neildaemond, an 'any-stack' hacking grasshopper.
Taking notes while tinkering with:

I’ve really been enjoying my recent experience with the front end (functional) programming language called Elm for the following reasons:

  • The Elm Architecture is great for single page apps (SPAs) as the rendered view will update automatically depending on the data model which gets manipulated when events are triggered.

  • Immutable variables and Strong typing produces reliable and readable code, although slightly trickier to write (at first).

  • The compiler is extremely smart and helpful (and a bit strict), often telling you exactly what went wrong and where to find it. Compiled Elm apps have slogan of “No Runtime Errors” since the Strict Typing allows the compiler to ensure there will not be any.

  • It is compiled into javascript and easy to embed into any existing page/project.

Here is my guide to getting started (with vim as my IDE):

High quality video with a DSLR is nice, and I find that when on an outing or at an event, it’s easy to take clips here and there to capture and document the memory. I usually switch between video clips and photos, but afterwards I don’t really like sorting through all the photos that much because I snap too many.

Videos on the other hand, I find that, if I don’t delete it, then they can be combined together in chronological order and be good enough to share with friends and family.

To save time, I created a command line script which will grab all clips from a folder and combine them into one video …

Blog Theme Updated

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve updated my blog. Usually I have something I want to blog about and then I get caught up with the idea that I haven’t implemented the features I wanted in my blog. Using Hugo’s taxonomies etc., I wanted to put into my blog the following: