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F11 Can't Scroll Nicknames Down When Using Weechat in Terminal

MeGa LoLz: Paying HoMaGe to 90’s ComPuTinG AnD WeB PaGeS ViA

ssh’ing into my new account on, I was re-introduced to their favorite command line irc client, WeeChat. I’m quite excited about mine is ;) ) as it provides the perfect remote server for irc chat if I run it in a screen/tmux/etc. At my local hackerspace, dimsumlabs, we’re trying to encourage irc usage. In Particular, our #dimsumlabs channel on Freenode.

It was my choice command line irc client in the past, but didn’t get too much usage and now I’ve forgotten how to navigate around in it.

The nicknames listed on the right are scrollable with the default buttons F11 & F12, BUT when pressing F11, Xubuntu’s Terminal window just gets maximized.

So, I had to re-bind the keys in weechat. F5/F6 are used to switch buffers, but I was just using the Alt+Arrow variant anyways, so I rebound F5 & F6 to perform the NickScroll using the commands:

/key bind meta2-15~ /bar scroll nicklist * -100%


/key bind meta2-17~ /bar scroll nicklist * +100%

Where those commands came from

If you press Alt+k the next key you press will spew out it’s keycode (the meta2-17 above) and the command it is bound to (the /bar scroll nicklist * +100% above)

Mix & Matching the Alt+k trick and deducing F11 from F12’s output is how I figured the above /key bind commands.   #WeeChat   #CommandLine   #Irc