By neildaemond, an 'any-stack' hacking grasshopper.
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Using VSCode When You're Used to Vim & NerdTree

First, make it more like Vim

My frst step for any IDE setup is to make it more like Vim using whichever extension/plugin they have to offer :)

(you can even do this with browser text fields via wasavi)

So, for VSCode I used the main vim plugin,

Vim Extension For VSCode

and then added the following keybindings.json and settings.json which are found at ~/.config/Code/User/

These add the following navigation conviniences:


  • when the editors are closed will move focus to the file explorer so that you can then go up and down using j and k and open another file

  • is unset so that you do not close the window/program by accident.

  • when focused on the terminal will send the cursor back into the text editor group


  • no matter where it is focused will goto/openup the terminal

Also, the settings.json provide the vim commands Z + Z to close and save a file and Z + Q to just close a file.

These keybindings will allow navaigation that prevents my slopy hands and accidentally closing them.

[Added 27 Aug, 2019]:


  • when in editor or terminal, will close the terminal/bottom panel


  • when in the terminal, maximize the terminal panel

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